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Stefan Smit's solo exhibition, Curb, often shows the imposing character of the urban environment looming in the background, at times ominous, but often simply vast and impersonal, it is somehow culpable for the tares in the fabric of a once connected human community and at other times, offering us a sense of comfort through familiarity. The daylight ghosts of passers-by leave only whispered traces in a society where sidewalk etiquette excuses us from human interaction. We are small, self-absorbed universes, messily compacted into individual bodies - branded packages yearning for connection as we slip silently by in the no-man's land of the city-scape. 

“I approach my subjects in such a way as to comment and observe how our surroundings are sometimes more familiar to us than the people who inhabit them.” 

Stefan Smit artwork titled: 'Head in the Clouds'
Stefan Smit artwork titled: 'Asunder'
Stefan Smit artwork titled: 'Look for Me'
Stefan Smit artwork titled: 'Curb'
Stefan Smit artwork titled: 'Ground Gazer'
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